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About me:
From Nashville, TN and I don't want to hear about how you visited last year for a bachelor party.  
I really wish my landlord's cat would pass. 
My seventh grade teacher once told me "those shorts are for boys." 
Also, that is not my jean jacket. 
In post production for my new short film Magdalene. Stay tuned!  
My 45 minute Christmas stand up show Holidaze in Nashville, TN! Pretending to be a star who signs stuff. 
Have you watched The Catherine and Cami Maher Show yet? Go to my instagram page to check out the episodes! 
My new web series is finally here! 
Watch it here!
I won Best Actress at the HollyWeb Festival 2017
Delores got into ITVFest 2017!! 
Delores won Best Series at the Accolade Festival 2017!
Delores was accepted into the LA Comedy Festival 2017! 
I made a short film with my actual family! It's triggering and funny at the same time! Watch it here
Did you see the show I'm doing Dec. 14th? This WILL be my greatest performance. Or a tie with my legendary performance as the Chinese slave Bun Foo in my college production of Thoroughly Modern Millie
Gary's Girls won Best Comedy Short  Screenplay at the Los Angeles International Film Festival this year! Production begins in January! 

The Adventures of Delores Briggam is in the final editing stages. So excited to show this web series to everyone!  


Just shot a new web series called All But Famous by Glix Productions! 


My new live show The Struggle is Real! playing at UCB March 2nd!

Go to the UCB Sunset website for tickets!! Update: Went amazing! Hoping to perform it again this summer! 


Buffalo Boys is now on streaming on Amazon Prime! There's over FIFTY 5 star reviews and not ONE of them is a friend or family member or coworker or girl at the coffee shop. 


Currently in callbacks for Maude Sketch Teams at UCB! 

*update: did not make it. Ate a burger to feel better. Feel the same.


Shot some new sketches with my team Super Diverse! Check them out in the videos section. 


I recently shot a web series I wrote and starred in called Your Mom's Divorce


In the process of entering NBC's Playground Contest for the next big comedy hit for the network. Update: didn't make it. Took a 7 hour nap. What day is it? 



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